Direct Page Editing

I want to look more at direct page editing. Both for content and layout. I know it is possible with VS but I doubt that is the best way. Going to look at PhpStorm.

Also, I have my desktop setup to run a WordPress website as well. Looking into transferring the entire WP file structure between GoDaddy and my local machine for editing. If this works well, I believe I will use this in the future for editing and testing before uploading to the live GoDaddy WP site.

Simple Custom CSS

The plugin “Simple Custom CSS” is a very basic plugin that allows for the addition of CSS. This will make most of the changes I want, for now. Going to play with this some. Not sure I need to make many/any PHP changes at this time; which would be structural changes to the website. Still learning but this is more interesting than I thought it would be.

Adding Content

Adding content, mainly from main CCS website.

Starting to look at file/folder layout that WordPress uses for direct editing.